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I have noticed some pretty significant shifts since attending your January Family Constellations Workshop that seem to be making all aspects of my life easier to deal with. A weight has been lifted. I'm winding up my therapy sessions soon and feel like the Workshop perfectly brought together all the personal development and healing work I've done over the past year or so.

I really admire what you do and would like to thank you for making this transformational work accessible to people.

I hope to see you at a future Workshop!
This was my second time attending one of Amelia’s Family Constellations Workshops. I did not do my own constellation the first time but I took part in other's Constellations and even then I felt that there was a big shift in the right direction for me. I remember coming home after that first Constellation and my friend who was staying with me at the time took one look at me and said "what the hell have you done, you seem so different, how is it possible to change in a few days?" apparently the change was very noticeable.

I was (read more...)
The Workshop setting was wonderful, neat and tidy. Refreshments were bliss not forgetting the delicious carrot cake!

My Constellation was somewhat unique in that it involved going back and doing work I thought I had already integrated. What Amelia showed was that she has a conscientious and deliberate approach of assisting her clients even if it sometimes means that they are made to feel uncomfortable, as this nudges them along in a way that helps their story integrate to the best version of themselves. I have gained valuable experience whilst gaining insight into an experiential field of knowledge. Thank you.

Amelia is (read more...)
The Workshop was really well introduced and I love the way you go into meditation just before you start. It has a lovely centering quality that helps to settle people and help them feel they are in safe hands. I also love the way you honor NZ's indigenous tradition during your welcome.

I LOVED the new venue at Reikorangi!! That valley is my turangawaewae and the school hall my first classroom so it made my Constellation there very powerful! And I loved being able to camp for the night up by the Mangaone walkway and have a bush walk in the (read more...)
I absolutely gained insight and experienced a shift by doing my own Constellation and observing other’s Constellations. The surprisingly simple insight of "letting go of responsibility" has been extraordinarily helpful and pertinent in many situations since. Amelia is quite an extraordinary combination of relaxed and very firmly in control of the situation. Rarely have I felt that safe so quickly with a person. She is very skilled but also very fluid and flexible. The Workshop was extremely reasonably priced. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I have always found integrated therapies much more trans-formative than just talking. I adore the combination (read more...)
I came to this workshop with few expectations. I didn’t have anything to fix, albeit a casual interest in building a stronger connection with my family of origin. I mainly wanted to engage in this work with my wife (a sort of bonding experience) and to mix with like minded people. My experience turned out to be much, much more.

It was a really valuable and fascinating day, not only in terms of having a good breakthrough in my family of origin objective, but also in terms of bringing about a lift in my sense of well being and self worth. (read more...)
The information presented before and at the Workshop was top quality, detailed, clear and concise. I loved the Mihi as it really set the scene. The meditation and facilitation were fabulous. I felt cared for and safe. The venue facilities were warm and friendly and the refreshments provided were perfect.

I did a Constellation at this Workshop and I have done some before. This one focused on my addiction to trauma. Not only had I been an effective trauma nurse, I have had so many traumas happen in my life that I really needed help to move into a non-traumatic way (read more...)
I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a Constellations workshop that Amelia Trotter was facilitating earlier this year. I found the process of the workshop was most intriguing and had never experienced anything quite like this before. As individuals brought issues to the fore we were asked to become people within these constellations and this process alone was fascinating as Amelia worked to piece parts of issues, often through many generations, together. As a participant in the 'knowing field' and being part of others' constellations there was an enormous understanding and awareness that become almost instantly apparent (read more...)
Dear Amelia,

Well, it has been a few weeks since the constellation and I wanted to get in touch with you to give some feedback about the workshop.

Firstly, thank you !! What an enriching and validating experience. The integrity and respect with which you run the workshop made this a nurturing and fulfilling experience which for me has certainly put some pieces of a tricky jigsaw into place...:)

I felt that the way the workshop was set up, conducted and managed by you was very professional and loving. The information given before was really helpful and your support in this beginning (read more...)
Dear Amelia,
Many thanks for the workshop on Saturday. You did an excellent job of facilitating, and I'm sure we all appreciate the tight, confident and energetic way you held the group. It's demanding stuff, but you did it with poise and absolute attention. I have come away with a good sense of how this works and the depth and quality of work that is possible. I think we were all moved by the depth of connections many were making as a result of the constellations, and the mysterious way such work unfolds. I am very glad I made it, despite (read more...)
In the winter of 2012 I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Family Constellation Workshop held and led by Amelia Trotter, supported by her husband Bill. My personal circumstances at the time were that I had recently experienced a family trauma whereby my youngest daughter had been critically ill and on life support in Starship Childrens hospital, Auckland. I was open to attending the workshop being mindful of my recent trauma experience and the accompanying emotional suffering I was experiencing due to triggered old and unhealed wounds.

The one-day workshop took me on a journey (read more...)
Kia ora Amelia

Your recent systemic family constellation workshop was very valuable to me. The shifts I have/am experiencing are helping to give me peace and change perspective. Its like you said "what are you willing to give up". Now family life is much better and more rewarding the more time passes since your workshop. Thankyou so much. Im keen to shift something else now and would like to be kept in the loop about when you will run another.

Warrick (25 March 2012)
I highly recommend Aroha Family Constellations with Amelia Trotter. The Constellation Workshops I have attended have been enjoyable and illuminating, helping me understand some subconscious influences on my behaviour - knowledge that gives me greater empathy for myself, and others. The insights I have gained are empowering and helpful in my life.

I enjoy Amelia's wise and professional way of facilitating the workshops. Amelia is kind, light, and in addition to her profound knowledge and skill, brings empathy and humour to her work. I am grateful for Aroha Family Constellations, the work is elegant and effective, and I have (read more...)
I took part in a Constellations Workshop with Amelia Trotter in February 2012 and found it to be very helpful and quite unique in what it offers. What surprised me was how enlightening it is to see your personal 'constellation' take shape. Amelia is professional, warm and very skilled at facilitation. She kept the room and the people in it safe and worked skilfully with the issues presented. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Amelia's Constellation Workshops.

Lynn (14 March 2012)
I participated in my first Family Constellations Workshop facilitated by Amelia Trotter and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to participate in this kind of work, to work with Amelia. She set everything up very safely, all of us were well informed, and then I watched and participated while she gracefully and skilfully facilitated the Constellations. Amelia is a highly skilled facilitator. I love her flowing style as she trusts her intuition and moves as she feels guided. I was amazed at how she unravelled family secrets, emotional knots, and other seemingly impossible scenarios and with so much grace, (read more...)
I would really like to recommend a family constellation workshop with Amelia. The workshops are life changing and help to clear past unresolved issues that you may be carrying around with you. Amelia is very dedicated and passionate about sharing the benefits of these workshops with all. Something very special happens during the workshops and Amelia is there every step of the way to guide the group and facilitates perfectly. It is an amazing experience, which I thoroughly recommend.

Marie (14 October 2011)
I have participated in two Workshops (and one personal constellation) with Amelia Trotter.

I had some reservations about participating because of unsatisfactory contact with psychological professionals in the past which had left me with a cynical view of the efficacy of such work in leading to real personal change in the real world. A friend who had contact with Amelia recommended I try this regardless of my previous experiences.

My understandable expectations of the Family Constellation Workshops were that I would feel deeply uncomfortable being introduced to a series of strangers whom I was expected to be able to explore deep, (read more...)
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