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The Workshop setting was wonderful, neat and tidy. Refreshments were bliss not forgetting the delicious carrot cake!

My Constellation was somewhat unique in that it involved going back and doing work I thought I had already integrated. What Amelia showed was that she has a conscientious and deliberate approach of assisting her clients even if it sometimes means that they are made to feel uncomfortable, as this nudges them along in a way that helps their story integrate to the best version of themselves. I have gained valuable experience whilst gaining insight into an experiential field of knowledge. Thank you.

Amelia is an outstanding facilitator and took the time to ensure the entire group felt welcomed and safe. She has an ability to let her inner wisdom guide the session to achieve the best possible outcome I believe for the client. My overall experience of the Workshop was that it was open, safe and very helpful. Amelia is not just an experienced facilitator but has a gift of allowing the space to be filled with love and integrity. Thanks again for an amazing experience.
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