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This was my second time attending one of Amelia’s Family Constellations Workshops. I did not do my own constellation the first time but I took part in other's Constellations and even then I felt that there was a big shift in the right direction for me. I remember coming home after that first Constellation and my friend who was staying with me at the time took one look at me and said "what the hell have you done, you seem so different, how is it possible to change in a few days?" apparently the change was very noticeable.

I was not sure whether I wanted to do a Constellation but after discussing a few issues with Amelia prior to my Constellation, she helped me focus on what is really important and how to address the issue. I ended up doing a Constellation for my younger daughter, who was not present at the time. It was very strong, although I hardly remember what the representatives did. I got a lot out of it, I understood some of my mistakes and where things had gone wrong with my daughter. Although the issues were not solved and more work is needed, it was a good start. I feel proud of having the guts to stand up and be honest about my messed up life. I am also amazed at how supportive and strong the group is and how well Amelia can lead everyone. I am honoured to have been a part of this Workshop and grateful to everyone for their support and understanding.

After doing my own Constellation, and also my older daughter doing one for herself, I felt a bit concerned about her as she got quite upset during the Constellation, but there was a clear shift during the week afterwards. I was getting phone calls and text messages from people that were mentioned in my Constellation and they were all positive ones. Most importantly I felt much better afterwards, much calmer and happier in my own skin, a lot of my anxiety had shifted... Thank you Amelia and everyone else who was representing.

Amelia is an amazing facilitator and I am totally comfortable working with her, she is respectful and very aware of when to go deeper and when to stop working if people are getting too upset. I really like her approach and I also like her as a person, which is always helpful when you are doing deep psychological work like this. I wish she would do one to one counselling or personal Constellations. Although she does not offer this service, she was able to recommend Angelika in Auckland, who is also lovely but is a little too far away for me and working on this over Skype is not as good as face to face.

I thought the Workshop was very reasonably priced and worth every cent.
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