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The Workshop was really well introduced and I love the way you go into meditation just before you start. It has a lovely centering quality that helps to settle people and help them feel they are in safe hands. I also love the way you honor NZ's indigenous tradition during your welcome.

I LOVED the new venue at Reikorangi!! That valley is my turangawaewae and the school hall my first classroom so it made my Constellation there very powerful! And I loved being able to camp for the night up by the Mangaone walkway and have a bush walk in the morning.The hall has a lovely sense of containment and history.

I did a very powerful Constellation at this Workshop!! Probably the most powerful I've done! Partly due to the venue and location... but also because of the timing and my personal circumstances... It literally felt like a 'now or never' 'do or die' moment!!!!

I felt that I gained some valuable insight and experienced a "shift" from doing my own Constellation, even more so than any Constellation Workshop before! Maybe there is such a thing as some one being ready at just the right time? Synchronicity!??

I am definitely more at peace around my past (and my present!!) I'm not waking up with the 'abandonment' pain in my solar plexus and feel more settled in my relationships with other family members... I had been feeling SO close to taking my life in despair...after trying SO many healing modalities down the decades of personal pain...and without any lasting resolution. Almost like nothing was going to make a difference! I now feel able to go on!!

And participating in others constellations is always a privilege. And reminds me that we ALL share more or less the same life experiences...It increases my sense of compassion, respect and LOVE.

I love your facilitation skills are very present and attentive..and I feel very safe as well as appropriately challenged at your Workshops.

I love how you make your Workshops available at lower cost to those who are financially challenged or unwaged.

This Workshop was my favourite of all the Constellation Workshops I've attended....I think because of my connection to the venue and location. But also because I felt like I really got to the crux of the ancestral burdens I'd been carrying! THANK YOU!!!!

I'm very grateful you offer such a beautiful healing opportunity for those who accept their lives are burdened by family patterns...

Namaste! Arohanui xx (14 March 2018)
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