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The information presented before and at the Workshop was top quality, detailed, clear and concise. I loved the Mihi as it really set the scene. The meditation and facilitation were fabulous. I felt cared for and safe. The venue facilities were warm and friendly and the refreshments provided were perfect.

I did a Constellation at this Workshop and I have done some before. This one focused on my addiction to trauma. Not only had I been an effective trauma nurse, I have had so many traumas happen in my life that I really needed help to move into a non-traumatic way of being. I am surprised and honored by what turns up in my field to be healed. This time showed that my great grandfather and his wife both had very traumatic lives. I’m now coming to a place of peace. I will observe my life be peaceful with much gratitude.

I gained some valuable insight from doing my own Constellation and thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from being in other people’s Constellations! I’m continually finding from participation or watching I gain valuable insight into my own life.

Amelia is a top facilitator; sensitive and acutely aware of the groups needs so everyone feels safe and nourished. Her facilitation is diverse and adaptable so I can highly recommend her. The cost of the Workshop is extremely reasonable for what we gain.

I would rate the Workshop 10/10. I am very keen and inspired to do more Family Constellations. I believe that not only am I moving positively in my life so too are my children, for which I am very grateful! I continue to highly recommend the Workshops to others as the work is unique but profound! Keep up the GREAT work!

Amanda 10 October 2017
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