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In the winter of 2012 I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Family Constellation Workshop held and led by Amelia Trotter, supported by her husband Bill. My personal circumstances at the time were that I had recently experienced a family trauma whereby my youngest daughter had been critically ill and on life support in Starship Childrens hospital, Auckland. I was open to attending the workshop being mindful of my recent trauma experience and the accompanying emotional suffering I was experiencing due to triggered old and unhealed wounds.

The one-day workshop took me on a journey of new understanding and opportunity for growth and healing which continues to unfold till this day, over six months later. I believe that this process will continue and am continually surprised as to the depth of new understanding that has arisen for me, complementing many years of classic psychotherapy, cognitive healing techniques and other healing modalities. What began with the intention of gaining relief from my immediate suffering to do with the pain of a critically ill child, has resulted in a more profound awareness of deeper and more long-standing wounds inherited from my first family and ancestors before them.

Amelia is a clear, warm and empathetic partner on this journey of self-discovery and these were qualities that developed within the group over the day. It is with great enthusiasm that I encourage others to seek deeper awareness and healing with the Family Constellation Workshop and in doing so create greater peace in their own lives.

Thanks Amelia, Bill and family!

(22nd February 2013)
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