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I came to this workshop with few expectations. I didn’t have anything to fix, albeit a casual interest in building a stronger connection with my family of origin. I mainly wanted to engage in this work with my wife (a sort of bonding experience) and to mix with like minded people. My experience turned out to be much, much more.

It was a really valuable and fascinating day, not only in terms of having a good breakthrough in my family of origin objective, but also in terms of bringing about a lift in my sense of well being and self worth. I learned about the impact of things from the past in my family that I have simply discounted or avoided. In facing them in a non threatening space –and importantly, free of my story about them- they felt addressed with love and clarity. I moved on feeling more peaceful and free. Also I had a good shift in my experience of the power in love and spirit. I learned –at quite a practical on the job , mindful level– how to better observe my ego vs. spirit and to employ that observation well. I got to be courageous. I got to experience being close and authentic with strangers in a whole and healthy way. I got to more fully recognize and acknowledge myself and my attributes character wise. I got to be more of my Self.

Amelia, as the facilitator is very gifted and draws on a strong psycho-spiritual grounding and training which is helpful and at times very powerful. She has an ability to gather and to 'find the kernel within the whole'. Her facilitation is supported beautifully with a well organized and professional format and a care, strength and understanding that allows participants to show up more fully, to grow and to be more of who they are in essence.

I feel a wonderful gratitude for what I gained from this workshop, the benefits of which continue to reveal themselves. I highly recommend it.

Martin (3 May 2012)
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