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Dear Amelia,
Many thanks for the workshop on Saturday. You did an excellent job of facilitating, and I'm sure we all appreciate the tight, confident and energetic way you held the group. It's demanding stuff, but you did it with poise and absolute attention. I have come away with a good sense of how this works and the depth and quality of work that is possible. I think we were all moved by the depth of connections many were making as a result of the constellations, and the mysterious way such work unfolds. I am very glad I made it, despite not feeling great. In fact, I was able to easily rise through my symptoms throughout the day, which was good, which is surely linked at least in part to the healing qualities of the universal field we were connecting with.
So, once again, thanks for the invite and the whole day. I hope you are pleased with how it all went.
with warm appreciation,

Graham (11 July 2011)
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