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I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a Constellations workshop that Amelia Trotter was facilitating earlier this year. I found the process of the workshop was most intriguing and had never experienced anything quite like this before. As individuals brought issues to the fore we were asked to become people within these constellations and this process alone was fascinating as Amelia worked to piece parts of issues, often through many generations, together. As a participant in the 'knowing field' and being part of others' constellations there was an enormous understanding and awareness that become almost instantly apparent and this alone was a wonderful experience.

I had initially gone along to this workshop with my husband and was very sure he had an issue that he would bring up. He did not and as the day continued I know that I was going to be bringing an issue to the fore as I felt it deep within my being.

As I stood up and went to share my issue that has been a lifelong problem for me, I knew it was going to be very big for me. I was adopted at birth and have lived for as long as I can remember with a number of unresolved issues that I have come to accept as just part of who I am. I had no idea that I would be able to resolve adoption issues through this form of therapy. Well I was very wrong.
My issue was related to rejection and relationships and as it unfolded before my eyes I was astounded to find out where the issue had developed from and how deeply my birth mother had been affected by her own father, and really how the issue I had was not that of myself but it was from another generation. My anger towards my birth mother disintegrated and I was gifted with a whole new awareness of the situation and how it unfolded. This alone was incredibly healing.

Through a very tough and amazing session with so much information about my past generations and their issues not to mention a raging storm outside, Amelia was able to work with my family members from generations gone by to resolve the issue. Amelia's ability to gather information and work with relationships and to also bring other issues to the fore that had impacted on the overall situation was nothing short of incredible.

As is expected, I felt an incredible satisfaction about how this constellation had gone as it filled in some blanks that I really needed to know about so that I could work through this issue.

It was a highly emotional experience and I felt so totally supported and cannot believe the power of this experience.
It has changed me on many levels and I have become so aware of the impacts our own issues can have on our children and generations to follow. Without attending this workshop I would never had thought on this kind of level.

It took days and weeks to process this change and just felt like something had gone but also like I had something new. It is quite difficult to explain and I had many experiences that were related to the constellation for weeks afterwards and these were on so many levels. I am still processing a lot of what had happened on this day.

Like I said I have had major shift occur in my life and will be always grateful to Amelia for the opportunity to be a part of a day such as it was and look forward to attending other workshops and being a part of others’ constellations and really this was a most amazing experience.

I can highly recommend Amelia on her ability to stick with challenging issues and with her absolute determination, find resolution for individuals and their whanau. If you have the chance to go to a Contellations Workshop with Amelia I would highly recommend her not only as a facilitator but as a wise and highly intuitive practitioner of this incredible therepy.

Thank you Amelia for what you have done for generations gone and those to follow.

Kate (20 October 2011)
12th November 2012
This was my fourth Workshop and another fantastic opportunity to explore the complexities of human life and what makes us who we are. Both the things we know and those that we find out as the Workshop evolves.

Amelia I am aware of the process but still love the way you explain where it comes from and the basis of this work.

I always feel so privileged to be a part of others Constellations and the knowing I get and the connections to my own life always blows me away and never ceases to amaze. To me it is like internal Yoga- stretching and growing my internal beliefs, understandings and thoughts about life and the lives of those around me. I always walk out feeling I can view the world through a different lens. An understanding and awareness of what might be for others and why they are the way they are. My birth father did his Constellation at this Workshop and my insight into a family I had never met touched my heart on a very deep level. I felt like I was part of their river and I saw myself in a different way but flowing with them. Just watching the women and their behaviours made me know where I had come from and that I belonged to their line of women too. It was very emotional and healing for me to see this. It was also incredibly empowering and gave me a huge amount of strength.

Amelia you are such a gifted woman with an incredible ability to work through the Constellations with strength and agility. There are times when things seem stuck but through your perception, ability and determination you soon resolve issues and bring knowing to all those involved. You are clearly passionate about what you do and it never ceases to amaze me how you manage Constellations with such dedication and determination. I love to watch you work and you always take the upmost care with all involved in the Workshops. You have a huge heart and shows through loud and clear. Well done Amelia and I look forward to my next Workshop, keep up the superb work, you really are a shimmering gem in our community.

Kate again (12 November 2012)
18th August 2015
The constellation that I decided to do was very empowering and uplifting. I felt a strong resonance to others' constellations on the day too. I think there were 3 in a row that were around similar themes of self-doubt. It is a hugely empowering process to be representative in someone's constellation that has a similar theme to your own and I've seen this happen before. It tends to deepen the process for everyone involved.

I was able, once again, to see how my adoption has really influenced so much of how I view myself and my family systems. The entanglements that become clear within the constellation process never cease to amaze me. I was able to let go of some aspects of responsibility that no longer served me in my everyday life.

Through being a representative in others Constellations, I always gain such a humble awareness of what it is to be human and carry burdens that more often than not, we have no control over before this work. This element of the work is incredibly powerful and I always come away with such a peaceful outlook on those around me and the suffering that exists.

It really supports me in the work I do as an educator when it comes to understanding differences in those I come into contact with. Any fleeting judegment of others comes always with a very quick responsive understanding that we are all carrying burdens, sharing entanglements and that this is just a part of being in family systems and living in the times we do.

I would highly recommend this work to anyone- whether you are looking to resolve an issue you have, or just to be a part of the empowering and amazing workshops where your judgment of others will melt away in time and your empathy for all those you come into contact with be strengthened and renewed. This work opens your eyes to a new world of work that is life changing.

Kate again (11 August 2015)
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