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Dear Amelia,

Well, it has been a few weeks since the constellation and I wanted to get in touch with you to give some feedback about the workshop.

Firstly, thank you !! What an enriching and validating experience. The integrity and respect with which you run the workshop made this a nurturing and fulfilling experience which for me has certainly put some pieces of a tricky jigsaw into place...:)

I felt that the way the workshop was set up, conducted and managed by you was very professional and loving. The information given before was really helpful and your support in this beginning phase was very much appreciated.

I thought that the energy of the group was handled with care and consideration and that given the emotive nature of what we were experiencing, although drained at some points, your leadership and skill carried us through.

This was one of the most unique and well constructed /supported group therapy sessions I have attended. Your understanding and intuitive guidance enables you to be a sort of portal into, in this case... my unconscious. Helping deliver fresh perspective to have deeper awareness and cultivate deeper compassion and empathy for family members and also the wider community.

Since the workshop I have felt subtle shifts, quite big a ha moments early on and then a sort of deeper feeling of being settled in my bones so to speak.

For me having Dad and Dan there was really lovely and our bonds have deepened and I have noticed more openness and understanding in our relationship.

I think the service you are providing is such a valuable one in our community, I admire your energy and commitment and your empathy for the suffering of souls past and present.

Thank you Amelia, I wish you all the best and hope to stay in touch and see you in the future!

Kind Regards,

Bec (13 March 2012)
12th June 2012
I continue to feel the deeply positive changes occurring from my constellation and many times I am able to draw on the wider learning I received from the total experience, not just my constellation. It reaffirms itself constantly in personal insights, experiences, relationships, conversations ....and is at times confronting at times comforting, very rich ! very grateful !

Bec again (12 June 2012)
27th October 2012
I value the connections I have made this year through your workshops Amelia. I am still blown away by what I experienced on both occasions, and the incredible impact on my life. I felt incredibly challenged but balanced with a safe and loving environment, I felt able to explore and accept what evolved for me.

I have (nearly 2 months on) experienced a huge letting go of anger, held onto, in my case on behalf of another which has recently made itself known to me. My ability to stand back and detach and look upon with compassion has undoubtedly come from an understanding gained through my constellation. I also experienced a depth of emotion in another's constellation that was previously unknown to me and to experience it was shocking. As time has gone on I have come to see that experience as an incredible privilege and to know that sort of grief exists has expanded my consciousness and compassion for human beings, and an admiration for the human spirit to transcend such experiences.

Amelia, you are one of the most dedicated, genuine, courageous, compassionate practitioners I have had the pleasure to work with. Your knowledge and integrity and commitment to what you do is inspiring and I consider myself very blessed to have been able to experience part of your souls journey and grateful my soul has had the experience to give and receive in such a sacred space.

Overall I would rate this as one of the most beneficial experiences of my life, my personal growth and the gift it has given to me and my family and friends.

I look fwd to being involved in future constellations, keep up the amazing work, what you are giving back is of such powerful value and such a tonic to hopelessness, your vitality could jumpstart the most weary of souls so you must be plugged directly into the source. :) :) much love x

Bec again (27th October 2012)
24th November 2012
I did not do a Constellation in last Workshop (I did in previous 2) but I still experienced profound shifts. Having the experience of two Constellations Workshops, in this (the third one I have attended), I found myself more authentically experiencing the souls I was representing and it gave me insights into my personal strengths and challenges.

From this Workshop I gained a sense of inner strength and fulfilment. The Workshop was challenging and rewarding, enlightening and fun too! I can't imagine it differently as with all my Constellation experiences, the mystery and connection with others is so special and unique.

I have thought of other issues and I often ponder the lives of my (especially older) family members. I am more curious about my family history and more acutely aware of my influence in my children's thoughts/actions and behaviours.

Bec again (24th November 2012)
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