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Want to find out more about Family Constellations Therapy? Amelia recommends that you check out the following websites.
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Constellation Flow (click here)
Dr Chris Walsh is a Psychiatrist based in Melbourne, Australia, who runs and private training course in Family Constellations. Chris is considered one of the foremost Family Constellations practitioners in Australiasia. Amelia Trotter trained as a Family Constellations facilitator under Chris Walsh from 2010 through to 2012.
Angelika Chisholm (click here)
Angelika Chisholm is a private therapist and Family Constellations practitioner with over 25 years of experience. She is based in Auckland, New Zealand and is currently Professional Supervisor to Amelia Trotter.
The definition of Aroha (click here)
Aroha is a key component of Family Constellations Work. If you're interested in understanding what Aroha means, this is a beautiful definition.
Surity Web Design (click here)
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