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Personal Bio: Amelia Trotter
Amelia studied Criminology and Psychology at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand between 1992 and 1994, then went on to complete an Applied Masters in Criminal Justice in 1995 and 1996.

During this time Amelia had years of experience as a Youth group coordinator, Youth Worker, Assistant and Researcher for Police Youth Aid, a Telephone Councillor as well as a Selector and Supervisor for Youthline Wellington. On completion of her Masters degree she was appointed the Manager of the Wellington City Mission Youth Services where she set up and ran an Alternative School for troubled youth as well as a Youth Center and Drug and Alcohol Program. Against this backdrop Amelia’s interest in family systems was born.
Since leaving the Mission to start a family in 2002, Amelia has formed a new educational focus encompassing various healing modalities. She studied and gained certification in both Reiki and Esoteric Healing, then in early 2010 she became interested in Family Constellation Therapy. She has completed two years of training in FCT under Psychiatrist Dr Chris Walsh and Therapist Catherine Ingram in Australia. Amelia is now running her own FCT Workshops in Kapiti, New Zealand.
My Personal Journey and Family Constellations
I have always been interested in how to provide my family with the best possible health and what I have discovered is that health and healing most often transcend the physical. There are many elements to wellbeing, which include mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical aspects. Family Constellations Therapy encompasses all of these in a beautifully simple process.

My journey with FCT began with my own health issues and desire for healing. The moment I discovered the power and influence of this therapy I realised that I wanted to share it with others. This was the beginning of a whirlwind journey of training and enlightenment which has seen me travelling around New Zealand and back and forth to Australia to achieve a desirable level of education and experience in this modality. It has been a fabulous and rewarding process from start to finish and I am very grateful for the opportunity to share this with the people of my home land.
For many years I felt a pull to the Kapiti Coast and when we finally moved here I knew that I had found my spiritual home. Kapiti has nurtured me for most of my adult life and I now want to give something back. To me, bringing Family Constellations Therapy to the Coast is my way of nurturing Kapiti's rich and diverse community through this amazing healing modality.

Aroha nui, Amelia
Qualifications and Training
1992-1994 Bachelor of Arts In Psychology and Criminology
(Victoria University of Wellington)

1995-1996 Masters of Arts In Criminal Justice
(Victoria University of Wellington)

2010-2012 Mindfulness Based Systemic Constellations Training
(Theoretical and Practical Training in Melbourne under Psychiatrist Dr Chris Walsh and Therapist Catherine Ingram)

2011 Australasian Constellations Intensive
(Training in Sydney under Stephen Hausner, Guni Baxa, Ed Lynch, Chris Walsh, Lap Fung Cheng and Sneh Victoria Schnabel)

2012 Mindfulness and Constellations Retreat
(Theoretical and Practical Training in Melbourne under Psychiatrist Dr Chris Walsh)

2013 Trauma and Constellations Training
(Theoretical and practical training in Copenhagen under Bertold Ulsmer)

2013 International Connecting Fields Congress
(International Systemic Constellations Congress in Copenhagen with a host of International presenters including Hunter Beaumont, Franz Ruppet and Dr Daniel Siegel)

2013 (ISCA) International Systemic Constellations Intensive
(Training in Germany under Guni Baxa, Stephen Hausner, Francesca Boring, Christina Blumenstein, Lap Fung Cheng and Sneh Victoria Schnabel, Judith Hemming, Konstanze Lang, Albrecht Mahr, Jane Peterson, Jan-Jakob Stam)

2013 Australasian Constellations Intensive
(Training in Sydney under Judith Hemming, Gordon Wheeler, Marianne Franke-Gricksch, Francesca Mason Boring, Nancy Lunney-Wheeler, Bill Mannle)

2014 Going Broader into the Larger System. Going Deeper, Trancending the Self
(Advanced Family Constellations training in Melbourne under Albrecht Mahr)

2014 Constellations for Family and Personal Issues: Liberating Your Potential (Judith Hemming Workshop at Esalen, California)

2015 North American Constellations Intensive
(Training in Conneticut with Ed Lynch, Suzie Tucker, Bill Mannle, Francesca Mason-Boring, Dan Cohen Booth and Emily Volden).

2015-2016 Seeing With Your Heart Immersion Program.
(Intensive Constellations training in Massachusetts using the Cohen-Volden 3 dimensions of Consciousness Model as applied to Family Constellations).

2016 Australasian Constellations Intensive
(Training in Sydney under Francesca Mason Boring, Ingala Robl, Ah Fung, Stephan Hausner, Anngwyn St Just, Jan Jacob Stam)
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